Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’m a mother of two young children ages 5 and 3, both of whom continue to inspire me to guide other parents in finding the joy of incorporating Montessori into their own homes… which is what I want to do for you, too!

I am also a certified Montessori guide for infants and toddlers, a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and a graduate of the RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™ course. Before becoming a parent, I spent several years working as a teacher in traditional public school classrooms. I now have a deep passion and respect for the Montessori approach, having raised my own two daughters from infancy using Montessori principles. Both of my children also now attend a Montessori school. I have helped thousands of families around the world to bring Montessori into their homes through my YouTube channel, my online courses, and my book "The Montessori Home: Create a Space for Your Child to Thrive".

You can learn more about my work on my website - www.ashley-yeh.com